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Patricia Gucci was born a secret: the love child whose birth could have spelled ruination and even imprisonment for her father, Aldo Gucci, the trailblazing businessman who transformed his father’s small Florentine luggage company into a worldwide luxury powerhouse. To avoid scandal, Aldo sent his love, Bruna, to London to deliver their baby, and then discreetly whisked her back to Rome with her newborn, hidden from the Italian authorities, the media, and the Gucci family.

“It wasn’t until I was about ten years old that I was told by my mother that my beloved Papa’, whom I saw regularly and adored, was married to another woman and had another family,” says Patricia. “There were always so many unanswered questions about my childhood; in fact, until recently it was just one big black hole.” As an adult, Patricia resolved to explore her past and fill in those blanks.

The result is the deeply personal In the Name of Gucci: A Memoir--don’t miss this opportunity to hear the story of the esteemed House of Gucci, told as only a direct descendent of its founder, Guccio Gucci, can tell it.

Patricia is joined in conversation by the Wall Street Journal’s Marc Myers, veteran journalist, author of Why Jazz Happened, and founder of JazzWax, an award-winning repository for interviews and commentary on records and performances new and old.

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