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Project by: Gonzalez Haase AAS

Place: Milano Italy Photographer: t-space studio

Publications: IGNANT Magazine, January 13 2020

Conceived of as a “display for ideas” by Berlin-based architecture firm Gonzalez Haase AAS, ‘Artifact’ is located in the centre of Milan, Italy. With its cutting-edge design and multi-use suitability, the minimalist industrial room is a space for exhibiting, socializing, and experiencing Milan’s ever-evolving cultural scene.

The space serves as the storefront and access point for Spazio Maiocchi—an independent cross-disciplinary exhibition space founded by Carharrt WIP and Slam Jam, and curated by contemporary art and creative studio KALEIDOSCOPE. The purpose of ‘Artifact’ is manifold; the venue functions simultaneously as a shop, a display room, and a social and aggregating space. Here, youth culture, fashion, design, art, and music come together, shaping new cultural experiences through temporary exhibitions and events. Gonzalez Haase AAS’s signature architectural language and sophisticated austerity is found throughout the polished and functional space. Concrete walls brightly lit by luminous strip-lights surround a large display unit, named Platform—the main design element of the space. Defined by a cascade effect and made from a standard grid, Platform is a minimalist multi-use solution to best accommodate the large spectrum of the venue’s programs, and displays a vast array of design objects, fashion garments and smaller art works.

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