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Post Time: 2018 11 13 Project by: Pokras Lampas Project Name: Largest Calligraphy in the World Photographer: Borsch x Ernest Em Publications: Design collector

The new record was set within the framework of collaboration with Lokomotiv football club — the artist painted the square in front of RZD Arena (team’s home ground in Cherkizovo) in red and green — the reigning champions’ club colors. The painting covers the area of 11,000 square meters.

The choice of location for the new art object was deliberate. Back in the Soviet days Cherkizovsky Parkused to bring art and sport together. The Stalinets stadium built here in 1935, was lavishly decorated with sculptures. The most famous among them was, perhaps, “The girl with an Oar” by Romuald Iodko — its four-meter copy printed on a 3D printer this simmer was painted by Pokras Lampas for Gorky Park. The new stadium built on the site of Stalinets has become a well-known arena for not just football games but also for first rate entertainment, art performances and concerts, it is used for shooting episodes about football.

According to Pokras Lampas, his new artwork brings together sport and art, taking up such topics as pushing the limits and conquering new peaks. As usual, Pokras encrypts a hidden message in his massive calligraffiti to be found and revealed by the audience. A shining example of profound symbolism and powerful meaning to be recognized is the installation “18 words about Vasily Vereshchagin” at the entrance to the New Tretyakov Gallery. 

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