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Where do Hermès leftovers come back to life? At petit h, the daring design office where remnants form the art of finds to come.

One of the great design shows designed by both the petit h and Faye Toogood's studio a few years ago. The installation was completed by designer Faye Toogood's studio for the petit h division of Hermès, taking up the ground floor of the shop on London's Bond Street.

Hermès petit h was established in 2010 as a series of products using the brand's offcuts and rejected stock.

Despite looking like an abattoir, the studio insists that the ideas for the installation came from the

craftsmanship that goes into creating the petit h products: "It goes without saying that this brand is truly inspiring in the way it relentlessly pushes the boundaries of craftsmanship and materials," said Toogood.

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