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This week, we’re following a trail of breadcrumbs into the kinds of forests you can find on stage.

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What you’ll need...

  • A small box. You could use a match box, cosmetics packaging or an unwanted jewellery box. The smaller the better!

  • Paper

  • Coloured pens

  • Glue stick

Suitable for ages 5–11

Time guideline: 45 minutes

In this activity, you’re going to make a tiny enchanted forest in a little box. Imagine that the frame of your box is a bit like the proscenium arch of the Royal Opera House.

There is something exciting about opening a box. Have a think about a tiny land that you could make as a surprise for whoever opens the box.

What kind of enchanted forest will be hiding inside waiting to be discovered? Will it be glittery and magical? Will it be dark and scary? Or will it be springing into life and full of flowers and animals?


First, decorate the inside of your box with coloured pencils or pens. Try to make the bottom or back of the box appear as if the forest is continuing into the distance.


Make three-dimensional layers that you will add in to your box. These could be trees, flowers or long grass.

Cut these out of paper and leave a tiny tab at the bottom so you can stick them into your box. Colour them in before sticking them down.

It should end up looking like a pop-up picture book. You could even gather tiny pieces of twig or leaves from outside to add to your forest!


Now add tiny magical creatures to your forest. These could be made of tiny scraps and paper. You can hide them among the trees.


Make sure you decorate the inside of the lid of your box as well. If the lid is attached to the box, your design could also be attached to it.


When you have finished decorating your box, invite someone to open it and explore the magical forest inside.

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