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What you'll need...

  • Find a space in your home – no matter how big or small

Suitable for ages 5–11, but you can adapt this activity for older age groups Time guideline: 30–60 minutes

At the beginning of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice is distracted from her family party by the sight of a White Rabbit in a waistcoat scurrying down a hole. Alice is curious as to why a rabbit needs a pocket watch! She cannot resist following the rabbit on a magical adventure!  you are now going to create your own ‘falling down the rabbit hole’ dance.


Firstly, get your thinking caps on, and decide on some words you would use to describe falling down the rabbit hole. For example: circles, spirals, falling, rolling, swirling, landing… etc. When you've decided on your word:

  • Work out a movement that you feel best expresses this word. This will be your 'motif'. A motif is a movement or phrase which is linked to a theme, which in this case is 'falling down the rabbit hole'.

  • Now, find two different ways of performing your motif at a high level, and then bring it to a low level (standing on tip toe to lying on the floor, for example).

  • If you have space, can you travel across it while performing the motif? If not, can you make the motif really small?

  • If you have another person with you, can you try making contact with them while moving? If not, can you include a prop from your surroundings (you will notice lots of tea cups in the ballet)? Be careful not to break any precious items!

  • Now that you've worked out your super dance moves, how about placing them in an order to create a longer dance phrase?


Once you have your ‘falling down the rabbit hole’ motif, build an obstacle course either in your home, your garden, or on your daily walk inspired by the adventure. Try designing a pathway where:

  • You don’t touch the floor

  • You can only step on things that are one or two colours (cushions, for example)

  • Add three places where you balance on one leg, or jump, or turn

Can you complete your motif while travelling along the obstacle course pathway? Give it your best shot!

What I have learned...

  • How to create a dance motif based on the theme of 'falling down the rabbit hole' DANCE

  • How to explore space and travel through a sequence of movements DANCE

Don't forget - we would love to see how your dances are coming along. Why don't you ask a parent or guardian to take a video and share it with us on social media? #kuuoliving

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