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What you’ll need...

  • A clear empty space, either at home, in the garden, or on your daily walk

Suitable for ages 5-11 Time guideline: 30-45 minutes

Swan Lake is one of the world’s most famous ballets. The story is about Prince Siegfried, who falls in love with Odette, a beautiful woman who has been cursed by the evil spirit, Von Rothbart, and turned into a swan. Siegfried vows to marry Odette and lift the spell, but Von Rothbart has other plans. At a ball, the evil Von Rothbart attends with a beautiful stranger called Odile, who is also under a spell, and made to look exactly like Odette. Prince Siegfried believes that Odette has come to the party! Siegfried expresses his love to Odile and promises to marry her. Von Rothbart then reveals that he and Odile have tricked Siegfried.


Firstly, see if you can you create your own wild wing movements, changing speeds and levels. Can you spread your wings in slow motion? Can you travel quickly on a low level?


Take inspiration from the drama of the storm by using the following words to inspire your actions:

  • Explode

  • Crash

  • Rumble

  • Charge

  • Rush

  • Attack

  • Disturbance

  • Burst

Or any other words that inspire you. You might even combine two words in one movement.

The words will help you to think about the dynamic quality of your movement (the intention, quality and emotional content added to a movement).


Remember, the storm builds and builds so try and make your movement show this by starting slowly and gradually getting bigger, faster and wilder with each movement.


Now think about what kind of music you would like your ‘storm’ dance to be performed to. Would it be slow and soft, or fast and noisy? Would the music build as the storm increases in power? Can you find ‘stormy’ music online? If not, you could try using different excerpts from Swan Lake itself.

Here are some examples:

If you’re really happy with your ‘storm’ dance, why don’t you film it on a phone or tablet and share it with us on social media? Don’t be shy – we’d love to see what you’ve created! #kuuoliving

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