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Museum Castelvecchio by Carlo Scarpa is a masterpiece of the Italian architecture and also an example of great design in all over the world. One visit is not enough to understand every part that compose this project. Here we try to show you the goodness of this place, but a trip is a must.

Arriving from the bridge, completely reconstructed in the postwar period after it was bombed by the German army during a retreat, we access the internal court of the fortress. The path is instinctive. Suddenly the glance travels, moving from a subject to the other, and it is directed to the sculpture of Can Grande della Scala and to the other art pieces exposed outside. We take the only possible way. It is 30 meters long and, in this space, we go on looking all around, keeping silence. While we are getting to the entrance, we perceive that something is changing, as if we are going higher. This sensation is due to the vegetation that lowers while we are moving on.

Inside Castelvecchio Museum

We get into the building restored by Carlo Scarpa during the years between 1958 and 1974 – we notice that rooms are disposed as in any other museum. But the windows, the lamps and the stands for artworks have been all conceived by the genius of Carlo Scarpa. The floor is never directly linked to the wall, as not to disturb, as leaving a space in the case the wall would like to move around or we, with our imagination, could not keep stable the walls.

The arches act like filters, from one room to the other. We notice that the main beam divides the roofing into two pieces and seems to indicate us the path to follow. The way goes on throughout the exhibition without hitches, leaving us often speechless, guiding us onto the top of the surrounding walls, in a succession of spaces designed with masterly care.

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